New iPad Pro ‘buttonless’ design hinted at in latest iOS 12 beta

Back in August, we reported that a redesigned iPad Pro 2018 model was likely in the works that would borrow some of the iPhone X’s neatest features

That news was based on the discovery of an asset in an iOS 12 developer beta, which showed a tablet icon with drastically reduced bezels and no Home button in the lower chin area. 

Now, a new and updated icon has been unearthed in the latest version of the iOS 12 developer beta – and it further reinforces that previous rumor, once again showing a tablet symbol with slim bezels and no Home button, as reported by 9to5Mac.

The iPad Pro (2018) in icon form. Courtesy of 9to5Mac.

The iPad Pro (2018) in icon form. Courtesy of 9to5Mac.

While the new iPad Pro is expected to bring some iPhone XS-style features along with it, the icon suggests that Apple’s next tablet will not sport the handset’s edge-to-edge design and notch combination – instead, it will likely bring thinner bezels along the top, bottom and sides of the device.

The icon’s lack of a traditional Home button also seems to indicate that the new iPad Pro will carry Face ID unlock functionality powered by a front-facing camera (which should be easy enough to conceal within the tablet’s top bezel area). 

Along with some slick rounded screen corners and the usual side-mounted volume buttons and top-mounted power button, there’s not much else that can be surmised from the icon image itself. 

However, according to previous rumors, iPad Pro 2018 is also expected to replace its traditional Lightning connector with a USB Type-C port for charging and data transfer, and is likely to also drop the 3.5mm headphone jack. We’ll know more when the next iPad Pro is officially announced on October 30.

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