Build, play, and save with this Nintendo Switch and Labo bundle from Walmart


Nintendo isn’t afraid to experiment with its consoles. Whether it was the compact design of the GameCube or the motion controlled Wii, Nintendo seems to live and die on its ability to break from tradition. 

The Nintendo Switch is just the latest example of that, crossing that bridge between home and mobile gaming. That also means that Nintendo doesn’t usually offer deals on its systems, because there’s seemingly no need to, so any sale or deal is one to check out. 


Right now, you can get the , saving you $39.99 on the listed prices separately. You have the choice between the gray or neon Switch systems and the Labo Variety Kit or Labo Robot Kit. The deal is also the lowest you can get the Labo kits in general, which normally go for $69.99 separately. Read more…

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